Now to Him

This piece takes the familiar words at the end of Ephesians Ch 3 as well as how we should live based on this in Ch 4.

We start with an upbeat tune using the words “Now to Him”. This is effectively a fast waltz but with plenty of syncopation. The choir sing in unison. This tune is repeated a few times through the piece since everything else stems from this.

After this main theme, we move into a new section again in unison exhorting us to “live a life worthy of the calling we have received”.

We return then to the “Now to Him”, the choir breaking into harmony at the end.

The upbeat tempo now moves to a slower more reflective section starting in a minor key. It exhorts us “to keep the unity through the Spirit” in the same way there is unity in the Trinity.

The choir starts in unison but then splits into full harmony for pretty much the first time. This is a taster of what is to come. Although we return to unison we soon are back to harmony but now in the major key. This gives us the high point of this section. The choir then repeats the phrase “There is one Lord, one hope, one baptism, one Father over all”. Each part layers on top with the second sopranos having the final voice “One Father over all”. The phrase fades and slows to an intimate conclusion of this section.

The instrumental accompaniment now takes us back to the original tune. This time the final section of the main theme is played slower and grander with some of the previous themes coming through. We finally end on a rousing “Amen” !