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The Wondrous Cross

Alleluia Voices and direction Peter Burton.

I have taken hymn texts, many of them well-known, and given them new choral settings. These come with different instrumental accompaniment. There are twelve tracks in total. The result is a CD full of variety and uplifting choral music. We have put together a very special choir, Alleluia Voices, comprising members from my own Dundonald Church and friends from Wimbledon Choral Society. They have delivered a very special sound for you. Tracks are

  1. Love Divine.
  2. All people that on Earth do dwell.
  3. The Lord’s my Shepherd.
  4. There is a green hill far away.
  5. When I survey the Wondrous Cross.
  6. Good Christians all, rejoice and sing.
  7. A song was heard at Christmas.
  8. The people who in darkness walked.
  9. Come and sing the Christmas Story.
  10. Peace I leave with you.
  11. How Great a God.
  12. We love the place, O God.

45′ of music.

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When I consider your heavens

Debut album with the Dundonald Church Choir and direction Peter Burton.

Welcome to my first CD ! This is all Christian choral music I have written over the last 30 years and, wow, I am so grateful to Dundonald church choir and the recording team ( Aaron and Moritz ) for making it such a great recording.

Giving praise to our God through song is one of the great gifts we have. Psalm 95 expresses this perfectly – “Come let us sing for joy to the Lord”. This is at the heart of the CD.So what else is the CD about ? Well, it is about putting God’s word, the bible into song. This is not a new thing. In fact, Christian composers have always put scripture to music. We need look no further than the famous Handel’s Messiah. In this CD, I carry on that great tradition but with a more contemporary feel.

The texts I have chosen may be familiar to you, and cover key aspects of the Christian faith. First and foremost is Jesus Christ, God’s own son, Saviour, Redeemer and Lord ( John 1, John 3:16, Luke 2:10-14, Philippians 2:6-11 ). We have praise and thanksgiving to God and the call to Godly living ( Ephesians 3:20 – 4:6, Jeremiah 9:23-24 ). Finally included are Psalm 95 and Psalm 8 from which the title of the album is taken.

One final thing to say is about the styles that I have chosen. Here I have tried to be quite varied using band style, organ, small chamber ensembles and a cappella. The result is an ever changing sound scape but with choral providing the foundation. I am sure there will be drums and organs in the heavenly choir too ! So I do hope you will enjoy the songs on this CD. I pray that it will refresh our often faltering faith or even, by God’s grace, find faith anew.

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