This page gives you access to my CDs and other recordings.

I have produced three albums so far - 'When I consider your heavens' (2017), 'The Wondrous Cross' (2020) and 'Nature in Song' (2022) . The first two can be purchased as CDs while the third is digital only. They can be accessed on all standard streaming platforms. You can also listen and purchase from this website.


The Wondrous Cross

Alleluia Voices and direction Peter Burton.

I have taken hymn texts, many of them well-known, and given them new choral settings. These come with different instrumental accompaniment. There are twelve tracks in total. The result is a CD full of variety and uplifting choral music. We have put together a very special choir, Alleluia Voices, comprising members from my own Dundonald Church and friends from Wimbledon Choral Society. They have delivered a very special sound for you. Tracks are

  1. Love Divine.
  2. All people that on Earth do dwell.
  3. The Lord’s my Shepherd.
  4. There is a green hill far away.
  5. When I survey the Wondrous Cross.
  6. Good Christians all, rejoice and sing.
  7. A song was heard at Christmas.
  8. The people who in darkness walked.
  9. Come and sing the Christmas Story.
  10. Peace I leave with you.
  11. How Great a God.
  12. We love the place, O God.

45′ of music.

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When I consider your heavens

Debut album with the Dundonald Church Choir and direction Peter Burton.

Welcome to my first CD ! This is all Christian choral music I have written over the last 30 years and, wow, I am so grateful to Dundonald church choir and the recording team ( Aaron and Moritz ) for making it such a great recording.

Giving praise to our God through song is one of the great gifts we have. Psalm 95 expresses this perfectly – “Come let us sing for joy to the Lord”. This is at the heart of the CD.So what else is the CD about ? Well, it is about putting God’s word, the bible into song. This is not a new thing. In fact, Christian composers have always put scripture to music. We need look no further than the famous Handel’s Messiah. In this CD, I carry on that great tradition but with a more contemporary feel.

The texts I have chosen may be familiar to you, and cover key aspects of the Christian faith. First and foremost is Jesus Christ, God’s own son, Saviour, Redeemer and Lord ( John 1, John 3:16, Luke 2:10-14, Philippians 2:6-11 ). We have praise and thanksgiving to God and the call to Godly living ( Ephesians 3:20 – 4:6, Jeremiah 9:23-24 ). Finally included are Psalm 95 and Psalm 8 from which the title of the album is taken.

One final thing to say is about the styles that I have chosen. Here I have tried to be quite varied using band style, organ, small chamber ensembles and a cappella. The result is an ever changing sound scape but with choral providing the foundation. I am sure there will be drums and organs in the heavenly choir too ! So I do hope you will enjoy the songs on this CD. I pray that it will refresh our often faltering faith or even, by God’s grace, find faith anew.

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Digital albums

Nature in Song

Music composed by Peter Burton during lockdown.

Vocal music with nature as its theme. During lockdown, nature was a great therapy for many of us. Although it was not possible to spend time with family and friends, it was still possible to walk in the parks and open spaces. This provided the incentive to compose songs about nature. So, over the lockdown periods, seven songs were composed and recorded for a variety of choral ensembles and solo voice. All these had to be recorded at home and then mixed if other people were involved. Although a CD has not been produced, you will find the album on spotify and all the music under shop/recordings. Tracks are

  1. Hear the Cry of the Sea.
  2. Owls.
  3. The Darkling Thrush.
  4. Winter Scene.
  5. The Eagle.
  6. Peace.
  7. A Mountain Song.

25′ of music.

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