About Peter Burton

I am a composer of Christian choral music based in London.

My services are two-fold.

Firstly, I am hoping that choirs of all types will enjoy performing my music. Please get in touch if you would like to or just check out the shop and music links. 

Secondly, I am hoping lots of people will listen to my music. My first CD is available for purchase through the shop and can be streamed online through tools such as Spotify. Otherwise come along to one of the events where my music is being performed !

About me

Up till end of 2017, I was a full-time practicing engineer. I very much enjoyed music and composing but it had to play ‘second fiddle’ to the job I was paid to do !

Since then though, I have the great privilege of being involved in choral music pretty much full-time. This involves singing in choirs, conducting choirs ( Dundonald church choir ) and composing.

About my music

I just love the way people can come together and create beautiful music through their singing. There are so many different styles and standards which means there are loads of people are out there singing ! It is ultimately an expression of our being created by God and praising Him whether we know it or not. Psalm 95 says “Come let us sing for joy to the Lord”.

For me this love for choral music has grown over the years as I have sung in choirs, conducted my church choir and composed music. Choral music is special in that it communicates through words. Instrumental music does not have that same directness. This then is the focus of my composing – communicating the Christian message through the words sung.

The words could be from various sources. I am particularly passionate about setting biblical texts to music. This you will see in my first CD. This is not something new. We only need to go to Handel’s Messiah for that which is straight from Scripture. To carry on that great tradition is a great honour.

I love the old hymns that speak of such great Christian truths. So I am currently working on this aspect – putting new tunes to great hymns.

I am keen that the music and complexity of the text overlay does not get in the way of the words and create an unnecessary barrier between choir and listener. I also want my music to be in the reach of the now typical small church choir. Hence, tunefulness and simplicity shapes my music.

So I hope you enjoy looking around the website and in the words of Psalm 95 – “Come let us sing for joy to the Lord”.