For God so loved the World

This piece takes the well known words of John 3:16-18. The piece starts with the women’s voices taking the tune and the men providing a shadow choir. The reflective theme moves into a joyful baroque style chorus as the words take heart culminating in a forte pause. The roles are then reversed, men taking the tune while ladies provide the ‘backing vocals’. We move onto v17 which moves to a new theme but built upon those in v16. This section both rises in pitch and volume to herald the news that ‘we are not condemned for those that are in Christ’. In v18 the reverse happens as the alternative status is told out. The voices end on a low sustained chord. However, the altos return us to the first theme which brings us out into our new hope. The previous melodies are retold in slightly different guise. The whole choir then sings in hymn-like praise as a final affirmation to God’s love for us in sending his Son.