‘Crumble’ recording

We have finally a recording out for ‘Crumble’. This has been quite some time in the making. We have to go back to the beginning of the year when Dave Brooks of Deutsche Bank wrote the words and tune to ‘Crumble’. Deutsche Bank had recently started supporting MQ mental health research for their charity of the year and Dave felt that writing a song would be a good way of raising awareness of mental health as well as potentially providing revenue for MQ mental health research. Having written the song, his idea was that it became more of a choral piece and so involving others in the DB organisation. That is where I came in. I heard about it through Sarah Weller of DB who sang in the choir I was in. The area of mental health is so much around us and I felt it was important I helped where I could.

It has been quite a journey working with Dave, DB and MQ to build the arrangement and then record it. The result is very pleasing and now is out for the public to enjoy and to contribute.

So, there are a few things for you to look at and be involved in. First, check out the video excerpt below. That gives you an idea what we have been up to. Then if you would like to listen to the whole piece then we have

  • spotify link – https://open.spotify.com/track/06YqaQiXtA6mIoke9eh3sP
  • purchase ‘crumble’ digital download through amazon and search ‘crumble mqdb’.

Finally you can donate to MQ and show your support for this initiative.


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