Come and sing the Christmas story

Michael Perry wrote this hymn initially to the tune “All through the night”. I have given it a new tune with a choral setting.

The tune is fully of energy and joy as we are invited to come and sing the Christmas story.

The piece relies heavily on the organ with three themes being played out – fast flowing arpeggios, a middle slower rhythmic section and finally a bass line melody that is slower still.

Over this the choir sings mainly unison with yet another theme. The result is a kaleidoscope of sound.

The second verse is more reflective as we consider a world confused and weary. We are reminded though that against this backdrop, Jesus is our light.

The third verse is similar to the first verse but up a notch as we proclaim “Jesus, Lord of all”.

Since the 2nd verse has a different feel, the organ provides appropriate mood transitions between the 1st and 2nd verses as well the 2nd and 3rd verses.