The Wondrous Cross

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I have taken hymn texts, many of them well-known, and given them new choral settings. These come with different instrumental accompaniment. There are twelve tracks in total. The result is a CD full of variety and uplifting choral music. We have put together a very special choir, Alleluia Voices, comprising members from my own Dundonald Church and friends from Wimbledon Choral Society. They have delivered a very special sound for you.

Tracks are

  1. Love Divine.
  2. All people that on Earth do dwell.
  3. The Lord’s my Shepherd.
  4. There is a green hill far away.
  5. When I survey the Wondrous Cross.
  6. Good Christians all, rejoice and sing.
  7. A song was heard at Christmas.
  8. The people who in darkness walked.
  9. Come and sing the Christmas Story.
  10. Peace I leave with you.
  11. How Great a God.
  12. We love the place, O God.

45′ of music.


2 reviews for The Wondrous Cross


    what ‘snippets’ I have heard have been enjoyed but cannot review properly as haven’t got CD!

    • Peter Burton

      This is Peter ! Thanks for your comment. First, you can go to my website and purchase the CD. It makes a great Xmas present ! Second, if you on any of the popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, my music is there. Thirdly, I will be updating my website early next year so the tracks in sheet music have the actual recorded music rather than the current simulated version. This all takes time so I have concentrated in getting the CD out first. Hope you are well and hopefully see you at a service soon. Peter

  2. Simon Jones

    Loving this whole CD. I’m listening to it while writing TY letters, it’s probably the best gift I received 🙂

    • Peter Burton

      Glad you like it !


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